United States Pretrial Services Agency

Eastern District of Michigan

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The Pretrial Services Agency is responsible for supervising individuals on bond who are awaiting disposition of their federal charges. During the pre-bail interview, information is gathered from the defendant regarding the current use or prior history of alcohol/drug abuse. If the information obtained suggests drug use, either current or previous, then Pretrial Services will recommend bond conditions including drug testing and treatment. Once the individual is released on bond with such conditions, he/she is required to submit to monthly or random drug testing. The Pretrial Services Agency has the capability of testing defendants and reporting urinalysis results to the court within minutes. Rapid test results enable officers to work swiftly with individuals who are using drugs, work with issues of denial, and make immediate treatment referrals. If an individual continues to submit positive drug screens, and/or requests the assistance of treatment, Pretrial Services has the capability to immediately refer defendants for counseling at any one of the several facilities we contract with.

Drug and alcohol services include the following:

  • Case management services.
  • Clinical consultation between officers and mental health professionals to discuss supervision issues.
  • Family substance abuse counseling.
  • Individual counseling/integrated treatment for dual diagnosis.
  • Individual substance abuse counseling.
  • Inpatient substance abuse services.
  • Intensive outpatient substance abuse services.
  • Manualized cognitive therapy group.
  • Substance abuse disorder intake assessment.
  • Transportation to and from treatment facilities.
  • Urine collection and reporting.