United States Pretrial Services Agency

Eastern District of Michigan

Providing Treatment

Defendants in need of mental health assessments and counseling will be referred to a licensed/certified psychiatrists, psychologists, or masters-level counselors, clinicians, and other professionals in the community to provide treatment under an agreement with the United States courts. These treatment providers meet the standards of practice established by their state's professional regulatory board. The Pretrial Services Officer serves as coordinator of treatment services, matching the defendant with appropriate treatment providers, monitoring the person's progress in and compliance with treatment, and overseeing the various treatment providers.

Mental health services include the following:

  • Case management services.
  • Clinical consultation between officers and mental health professionals to discuss supervision issues.
  • Family counseling integrated treatment for dual diagnosis.
  • Family counseling sex offender.
  • Family mental health counseling.
  • Individual counseling/integrated treatment for dual diagnosis.
  • Individual mental health counseling.
  • Manualized cognitive therapy group.
  • Medication and medication monotoring.
  • Mental health assessment.
  • Psychological/psychiatric evaluation and testing.
  • Sex offense-specific individual or group therapy for sex offenders.
  • Sex offense-specific evaluations for sex offenders.
  • Transportation to and from treatment facilities.